How to pay Salik Fines in UAE? Procedure, Where to pay? Requirements, Service Charge


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Where to pay Salik Fines?

Customer can pay Salik fines through the following ways

What are the requirements to pay Salik Fines?

  • Your T.C. number (Traffic file number (or) vehicle plate number.
  • Licence holder’s date of birth
  • A valid debit / credit card to make the payment

Service Fee

Violation fee along with service charge of 20 AED

Procedure to pay Salik Fines in UAE through RTA website online

  1. Visit RTA website
  2. Click “Start” to proceed
  3. Click “violations Enquiry & Payment”
  4. Enter your vehicle plate number, select an Emirate (OR)
  5. Enter License number and select an Emirate (OR)
  6. Enter Fine number (OR)
  7. Enter traffic file number
  8. Make the payment online
  9. Once completed, you will receive a receipt in SMS
Pay Salik Fine Dubai
Pay Salik Fine Dubai

Procedure to pay Salik Fines in UAE through Dubai Drive app

  1. Download Dubai Drive app
  2. Click to apply for pay Salik fine
  3. Make the payment and receive the receipt

Procedure to pay Salik Fines in UAE through service / customer happiness center

  1. Visit the center
  2. Provide your vehicle number and ask to make the payment towards Salik fine
  3. Make the payment and receive the receipt

Possible Salik Fines

Insufficient funds – ISF violation

If the salik account has insufficient funds, AED 50 to be paid under violation

Unregistered vehicle plate – URP violation

If there is no salik tag installed /  no registered salik tag, you will get fine. In this case, if do not you buy and install a tag in 10 working days, violation of the following may be paid

  • First time trip: AED 100
  • Second time trip: AED 200
  • Subsequent time: AED 400
Do you know what will be fine if the Salik tag is tampered / cause damage to salik toll gates in Dubai?

For tampering Salik Tag through manipulation or fraud: AED 10,000

Causing damage to Salik Toll Gate: AED 10,000

How to pay the Salik fine if the vehicle is registered in Abu Dhabi?

If your vehicle is a non Dubai plate number, pay through Abu Dhabi police website (AD police).

Download Dubai Drive App on App store and Google Play Store

Beware of Salik Scam Alert UAE?

Check the possible Salik Scams

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