When is Salik Free in Dubai? Timing, Ramadan Salik Price

When is Salik Free in Dubai? Timing, Which Occassion? Ramadan Salik Price

Is Dubai salik free?

As per the new RTA Salik news, trips are chargeable 24/7 hours even during the holidays. Any changes from the Salik will be listed here.

Mamzar toll gate

The Mamzar toll gate in Al Ittihad Road has two gates – Al Mamzar North and Al Mamzar South. If you drive through both the North and South Mamzar toll gates in the same direction within an hour, you will be charged only once.

Al Mamzar Salik

Which tollgate is free during public holidays and Ramadan, UAE National day Holidays?

Mostly, all Salik toll gates in dubai will be free during Ramadan, Eid and UAE national day.

Salik Official website: https://www.salik.ae/

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